The Tricks to Keeping Your Gums in Top-Notch Condition

As you may already know, you need to have healthy gums if you want a strong and successful oral health. So, it’s important to keep your oral tissues in tip-top shape each day. However, we understand that that might be a difficult task if you’re not sure how to take good care of your gums…. Read more »

A Fractured Tooth Might Need to Be Restored with a Dental Crown

Your tooth enamel is composed of many microscopic mineral crystals. This is what makes your teeth hard enough to bite into and chew tough foods. Even though your teeth are strong, there are times when a blow to the face or other accident can damage or fracture a tooth. As long as the damage is… Read more »

The Best Kept Secret in the Dental Industry

Do you know the best-kept secret in the dental industry? Did you know even your best of friends may be in on it and you may never even know? The secret is the Invisalign® aligner system. The aligners are so sleek and clear that they are nearly undetectable even when talking to wearers of them… Read more »

How to Avoid Stained Teeth

Have you noticed that after enjoying certain drinks, your mouth could be tinted the same color as the beverage? Luckily, this is generally a temporary status, but did you know that some drinks can lead to permanent stains? This can be especially problematic since most people strive to maintain a white, beautiful smile. To enjoy… Read more »

Custom Dental Veneers Are a Great Way to get the Winning Smile You Desire

A white and even, winning smile plays into your hand in many business and social situations. Unfortunately, the passage of time and the stains brought on by dark beverages and foods can stain your teeth and dim their once youthful luster. If you have visible past dental work that is noticeable it can compound the… Read more »

Are You Looking for a Straighter Smile without Braces?

At Montgomery Dentistry, the dental practice of Dr. Michael Hull and Dr. Barry Gibberman, we are pleased to offer Invisalign® aligners for our patients seeking a more attractive smile in Cincinnati, Ohio, and the surrounding areas. Have you always wanted a straighter, more attractive smile, but don’t want the hassle of wearing braces? If this… Read more »

Dental Care and Eating Disorders: How to Care for Your Smile

If you have an eating disorder in , , it’s extremely important that you take extremely good care of your smile, especially if the disorder involves throwing up. However, this does not mean that Dr. and our team encourages eating disorders whatsoever. In fact, we strongly recommend that you seek professional help right away so… Read more »

Origin of the Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy is a much beloved legend. We all have fond memories of leaving each lost tooth under the pillow for the Tooth Fairy to find. But where did the Tooth Fairy originate? The legend of the Tooth Fairy has evolved over time. However, legends and myths surrounding losing baby teeth go back for… Read more »

Mouthwashes vs Mints

As you know, many of our favorite foods can lead to bad breath. This is at least one reason that millions of Americans use breath mints or other fresheners daily. However, while mints can be useful, they only offer a temporary solution. This isn’t a problem if your bad breath–properly known as halitosis–is caused by… Read more »

Dealing with a Foreign Object Stuck Between your Teeth

It’s natural for small pieces of the foods you eat like popcorn hulls, meat fibers, seeds, and fruit peels to get stuck between your teeth. Bad habits like chewing on objects like pencils and pencils can break small pieces off small pieces that can cause discomfort and pressure. If a foreign object does get stuck… Read more »